Thursday, July 28, 2011 Y 10:01 AM


Rehearsal starts at 2pm in AJ Audi this coming Saturday (30/7). We'll be meeting for lunch at AMK Hub, 11.30am before that.

A few friendly reminders:
  • Dress Code: Mainly black, with another colour of your choice, and bling.
  • We sing Bohemian Rhapsody first, followed by Ai Hen Jian Dan and MJ Medley.
  • From the AA: Please bring/return all remaining ticket booklets, stubs and money collected to the marketing comm (i.e. Kent) on Saturday as well.
  • Rest well, sleep enough, and get in the mood for the day. =)


Monday, July 18, 2011 Y 11:13 PM

Dear all,

We're down to our last rehearsal for Reunion this coming Saturday (23 Jul), and note that it is full dress and full day. Lunch is provided.

We're still discussing our dress code for the performance. Stay tuned for confirmation.

Check out this link below for the finale song, which will be sung by... everyone. Learn up the melody, and we'll take the lead in singing it (somehow.. hurhur).


Friday, July 08, 2011 Y 12:38 PM


We'll meet in the Choir Room as usual tomorrow. However, note that we have to be punctual, (read: 10am) Ms Siau's in charge tomorrow, and we'll be waiting for their cue to go down to the Audi for mic testing/stage positioning/anything else we can do there. There might not be a need to perform, but be prepared just in case.

Also, they'll be distributing the tickets to everyone tomorrow.