Sunday, September 30, 2007 Y 1:19 AM

get your photos of the amkcc 'opening of broadway' ceremony!

cheers, nadiah

Friday, September 28, 2007 Y 7:42 AM

hey guys,

Sat's practice will be in the afternoon.. report at 3pm k?

Final rehearsal will be at 3.30pm in the hall, so best if we can warm up before that..haa so pls try to be on time okie ?

I know most of us are going for Wansong's bday party tonight.. so well.. all of us shdn't be drinking too much tonight eh? =X

Oh ya, attire for tmr, its the same for 'The Reunion' , ladies -- white top with BLUE jeans. Gentlemen -- you need both white & black long sleeve. White long sleeve is for the opening ceremony, black long sleeve is for our own item. Pls top it with BLUE jeans.
Footwear at your own discretion. Be presentable..

Yup that's all.

To those who are going to Wansong's bday party tonight, ENJOY!


Thursday, September 27, 2007 Y 10:04 AM

hey hey.. here's the link for the location of the bungalow and where to take the shuttle.. yup!! hehe..

see u all there tmr!! :P


Wednesday, September 26, 2007 Y 10:29 PM

Hey all,

a gentle reminder for those who are going to Wansong's Birthday Party on Fri...

Venue: NSRCC Tanah Merah Bungalow 18 (shuttle buses from Tanah Merah MRT station at 5, 6, 7.30, 8.30pm. Find your own way there pls. We wont be organising it =X )

Theme: PLIUNK (at your own interpretation)

Time: anytime after 5

So we will not be going for the rehearsal on Friday night. Instead we will attend the last dry run on Saturday afternoon itself. Timing TBC.

Seeya guys there at bungalow 18!


Thursday, September 20, 2007 Y 9:25 AM

Hey guys,

practice this coming Sat will start at 0930 at AMKCC (standard la). Cos by 10 we have to be in the hall already.

This week confirm will have a full run cos its the last week of practices before the actual on 29th evening so expect to stay beyond 2pm.

This week I expect 90% attendance, so pls turn up if you are involved. I will post the names of the people involved at the bottom.

Those who have told me that they are unable to make it beforehand I accept (Chee Guan, Shawn & Davin) so meaning I should expect to see the rest of you guys ok?

Try to have memorise all the songs by then (including the 5 combined)


Those involved:

1. Peiying
2. Nadiah
3. Hiang Kiat
4. Liping
5. Chunwei
6. Sze Mun
7. Ryan
8. Loh Wei
9. Jiechao
10. Gerald
11. Davin
12. Chee Guan
13. Shawn

Cya guys on Sat 0930.


Friday, September 14, 2007 Y 9:40 AM

Hi guys,

practice for 15 Sept 2o07: We will meet at 0930 at AMKCC. By 10 we should be warmed up as Mr Seng will be in by 10.

We should know our songs by tomorrow.

Not sure what time will practice end tomorrow, be prepared to stay late, most prob till 3 or so.

Cya tmr.


Thursday, September 06, 2007 Y 9:58 PM

hey ppl!!

sorry for the late post!! :X:X

there will be choir this sat... 950am at AMK CC... and we will end at ard 2 pm.. pls bring along the scores of the songs which we sang for the reunion if u haven memorize them.. we will confirmt eh songs tt we will do for the pm visit...

yup.. so see u all on sat!!


Sunday, September 02, 2007 Y 1:04 AM

Here's the link for the photos....

click HERE!!

if anyone wants the photos in zip file, can get from me.. i'm not sending to gmail because the file is quite big and i don't want gmail to laggggggg like siao.

be sure to click on "FULL SIZE" before you save any photo okay!

enjoy! :)