Monday, February 22, 2010 Y 11:49 PM

Hi friends, found a video of the King's Singers singing Lullabye. Do watch it, and be inspired by this very personal song about a parent's love for his child. I'm so gonna sing this for my kid in the (far off) future heheh.

On another more serious note, I would like to once again gently remind everyone out there to kindly be PUNCTUAL for practise. Not even EARLY; just NOT LATE. Understand that it's already a great challenge to work with such a small group where every singer makes a significant difference in the sound, and waltzing into the choir room at 1045 or 1100 is just really, really counter-productive to anything because you're making those who made the effort to come on time wait. I know everyone's busy with their own thang, but nevertheless, I implore you to make a concious, honest-to-goodness effort for whoever sings to your left and your right. God knows I love my saturdays as much as you all do, so please make good use of the time we spend together ok?

pumped up with anaesthesia,

Saturday, February 06, 2010 Y 10:21 PM

To any and all the doubtful people out there who are questioning our status in this year's VoyAJe concert, here's our answer: We're in.

So what if we have only 9 guys and 7 girls (conductor doesn't sing remember), some of our members appear at random, and we're up against a one kind of cavernous performance hall? We're in.

We'll show the main choir that the Anderson Junior College Alumni Choir does actively and officially exist, that we're not just a party of crazy old people with nothing better to do on our saturday mornings, and that we're made of some pretty awesome musical shit!

There's no practise next week due to it being the eve of the most important Chinese holiday ever, and prac will resume the week after, on the 20th of FEBRUARY, same time, same place, 10am at the AJchoir room. BE PUNCTUAL! And anyone with friends (formerly from ajchoir duh) who wanna join, it's not too late to pull them in by the 20th! Especially if they do female voices.

Anyone with any bright ideas for our 3rd piece? Feel free to bring in your suggestions on the 20th too.

Enjoy the lunar new year people!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010 Y 5:06 PM

Hello everyone!

There'll be choir practice this sat, 6th Feb, 10am @ choir room. Do bring along your scores for "Blue Moon", and "My Lord, what a mornin". I'm not too sure whether we're still singing with "My Lord, what a mournin' mornin", but let's KIV it for now.

And, 6th feb is the day we're supposed to confirm our numbers for voyaje! So please contact the juniors if you haven't done so, and draw them in! Alternatively you could master the technique of cloning yourself before 6th feb, and then demonstrate it on saturday. =)