Wednesday, April 28, 2010 Y 9:59 PM


This is neither a long emo gush nor a comprehensive bar-by-bar review about the events on the night of the 26th of April!

I think everything that could have been said has already been said amongst us after the performance and over supper. Come on, it was only 3 songs!

Come 8th May, 10am at the usual spot, I hope to have as many people as possible back in the choir room to talk about The Future. Please try to drag your friends who haven't been present as of late; friends whom you think will be interested in performing with us in the months to come! Bring along any good SONGS you might wish to share, any ideas for a THEME, a possible TITLE, and any cool new PERFORMANCE CONCEPTS you've been itching to try.

Most importantly, bring along an open heart, and your passion for making music. As long as we have these, everything will go fine =)

P.S. All the best to the university students taking exams!

Monday, April 19, 2010 Y 10:56 PM

Hi everyone, below are some updates regarding the concert day:

1. Meeting time: Currently, the latest news is that we will get a slot to do a sound-check at (tentatively) 3.00pm.

And that means we have to reach Esplanade at around 2.15pm. At this point in time, please let me know if you're taking a half-day off (if you're working), or what time your lessons end on Monday (and subsequently the time you can reach Esplanade). If our timings can match, we can have lunch together before going.

If you're reading this, sms/fb/email me about your availability NOW. (Be a kind soul and refer the others to the blog too! ;D

2. Dressing rooms: Are provided. According to Cindy we're given 4 rooms. To be confirmed.

3. Dinner: is provided too. =)

4. Concert Attire: Purple and Black theme; must be suitable and presentable for a concert. I won't do costume checks, so please ensure that you have your attires ready for the big show by the 26th.

5. Arrangements for late-comers: I'm sorry to brand you guys as the late-comers (for the lack of a better term) but anyway, if you happen to have exams that end at 7pm, or lessons that end at 5.30pm, (so far I only know of 2 such examples among us) fret not because I will make arrangements to bring you in at the backstage entrance of the Esplanade. Just keep me informed of your estimated time of arrival.


The Last Practice on 24th April.

This is the penultimate practice before our show, so please make every effort to be on time for practice (10 am). I'm expecting to see everyone unless you inform either GPT or me that you cannot make it. We're going to have a mock run of the sequence on the concert day, and I believe everyone of us will appreciate a punctual practice and a fruitful rehearsal.

So till then - stay healthy, and take care!

Thursday, April 15, 2010 Y 4:52 PM

I know this is a very late announcement, but I have sad news regarding the showcase tonight...

There is no pizza.

Sunday, April 04, 2010 Y 5:17 PM

Hello everyone!

A couple of announcements to make (it's going to be a long post):

1. In case you don't already know, below is the full list of alumni performers for VoyAJe 2010:

Whee Geok
Yuk Lum
Pei Ying
Long Teng
Jie Chao
Chee Guan
Loh Wei
Jing Kang
Qing Wen

2. Our performance for Mr Kwei has been postponed to 15 April 2010 (Thursday). The meeting time will be 6.30pm, outside the choir room.

What you need to do: Let either Gerald or I know by 10 April 2010 whether you can make it on that day, and what time you will be arriving there. Memorise your scores, drink some water, and don't eat too much before coming because there's supposedly pizza later on. =)

3. The colour theme for our concert attire is
PURPLE & BLACK. This has been decided last practice with no violents objections. Yet.

What you need to do: Excavate/locate/summon appropriate clothings suiting the colour theme, and we shall convene on 10 Apr to discuss and see if our varying shades of purple match up. Please note that the minimum standard for our dress code shall be smart-casual. Feel free to express yourself within the confines of these boundaries. =)

We’ll also be fixing our standing positions on 10 Apr. (AJChoir will very likely be having their practice on that day too, so prepare yourselves for warm weather).

Alright, below are some choir performances you might be interested in. There’s quite a lot of singing packed into April and May, it seems.


14 Apr (Wed)

Dunman Secondary Choir Concert

Esplanade Concert Hall, 7.30pm

11 May (Tue)

Symphony of Voices
Victoria Junior College Choir

Esplanade Concert Hall, 7.30pm
$20, $30, $40

13 May (Thurs)

Meridian Junior College Choir Concert

Esplanade Concert Hall, 7.30pm

15 May (Sat)

Voices in Flight 2010
Hwa Chong Junior College Choir

University Cultural Centre, NUS, 7.30pm
$18, $25, $36

22 May (Sat)

in.harmoNY 2010: Beauty & The Beast - An Adaptation

by Nanyang Junior College Choir

Victoria Concert Hall, 7.30pm

$12, $15

Yup, so until next sat, take care and stay healthy.


Friday, April 02, 2010 Y 5:50 PM

Hi everyone,

With the exception for those who are away for their study break, practice is on as usual - 10am, at the choir room.

It seems like we've landed ourselves in April already, and with the 26th looming closer in our faces, below are some points which you need to take note of:

1. Review by Mr Kwei: If my memory serves me well, the date we've decided is on 8th April - which is just next week. Jittery feelings aside, let me know if you're agreeable with meeting at 6.30pm outside the choir room for warm-ups before we sing for Mr Kwei. In case you're worried about not being ready yet, this leads me to my next point:

2. Memorise your music: Yes, it is time to drop the scores. Let's prepare ourselves to memorise the scores early, so that the music will sit nicely in your memory by the 26th.

3. Concert Attire: It's time to flaunt your creative ideas for our concert attire! We shall discuss this tomorrow in greater detail. No worries, because if we do not reach a fruitful conclusion before the concert day, we always have the perennial black-black/grey-black ensemble to fall back on.

I'll see you tomorrow. =)