Wednesday, February 28, 2007 Y 10:03 PM

yo ppl!!

for the performance on 2nd march at ritz carlton for the changi airport,
the attire for guys: white long sleeves shirt, black pants, any colored tie and covered shoes.
attire for girls: white collared long sleeves blouse, black pants and covered shoes (preferably dull colors)

We will be performing at 830pm and we will be having a sound check at 6pm.
Our meeting time will be 530pm at the lobby of ritz carlton. please do not be late. for those who are having lessons till 5 plus. u all can meet us at a later time.. so yup..

do take care and rest well k!! see u all on fri!!

jia you to those performing for Buxtehude on fri!

and all the best for A level results!!! dun worry too much k... =)


Monday, February 26, 2007 Y 3:31 PM


hi guys and ladies. regarding attire:
-guys will wear what they wore on 24 december last year? all black with tie?
-ladies to wear white collared blouse and black pants with covered shoes?

these attires are formal. please tag if you have any objections or suggestions. please mull over it and we'll decide formally on wednesday.

as for the performing and rehearsal times on that day itself, please do keep a lookout at this space. or we'll send smses to you.

heard saturday's practice was good. all the best for friday's performance, choir!

and all the best to those singing Buxtehude!

and to all j3s who have joined us:
all the best for your A level results! :)

*i hope the scores are memorized. :)

cheers, nad

Thursday, February 22, 2007 Y 12:13 AM


yo ppl!!

as our performance on 2nd march is drawing near.. we will be having 3 more practices before the actual day... so here's the practice schedule..

1) 23rd feb 07 (friday)
10 to 1 pm at nad's house

2) 24th feb 07 (sat)
10 to 3pm at amk cc

3) 28th feb 07 (wed)
7 to 9pm
the venue is at AJ

we will be singing 3 songs for the performance
1) Blue Moon
2) No importa
3) Yue liang dai biao wo de xin

so please take note of these practice dates and do indicate if u will be able to attend the practices. please try to attend all practices if possible as the date of the performance is only like next week!!! so yeah.. rmb to memorize the scores k..

do take care of urselves k!! drink more water and do have enough rest k!! see ya soon!!! =D

whee geok

Wednesday, February 07, 2007 Y 11:10 AM


there'll be 2-in-1 practice this sat 10 Feb at amk cc: part 1 from 10am-12noon, break for lunch and part 2: 1pm-3pm. we'll be doing our 'March' songs:

1) Yue Liang
2) Blue Moon
3) No Importa
4) Lion Sleeps*

focusing more on blending, musicality and getting the parts right. song parts downloadable from gmail account. so this sat's prac will be better! please leave a tag after you've downloaded your part, and whether you're feasting this sat. [pls confirm by thurs. so can estimate how much food to prepare]

to memorise scores in 2 weeks! countdown: 3 more practices till actual day!

gambatte choir!


Friday, February 02, 2007 Y 9:10 AM

hi people.

sorry for this late post. practice as usual at amkcc from 10am to 1pm and maybe later. :) we'll be finishing learning BLUE MOON and WE GO TOGETHER. and do a run through of the songs we learnt and hopefully settle our repertoire for our gig in march.

the midis will be up soon. hopefully. we're working as fast as we can.

hope see you (more of) you people on sat!

gambatte choir!


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