Friday, May 30, 2008 Y 11:28 PM


pls note that tmr's (31st may) prac is CANCELED. sorry for the late notice.

Y 12:16 PM

yo ppl!!

pls note that there will be choir prac tmr.. 10am at aj room 411.. pls bring along the scores for moon river.. we will be learning that tmr.. see u all tmr.. :)


Tuesday, May 20, 2008 Y 1:10 AM

no importa la distancia.

The AJC Choir only adopted this not too long ago, so people up to Senghong's batch did not sing this, and we had no emotional ties to the song. But last night, I think I felt the power of this song and its connection to every member of the choir. The last chords of the song, in my opinion, were pure magic. To hear the reverberation of our voices as a whole was one of the most powerful moments I have experienced. With this song, the AJC Choir finally has a voice of its own, and the world is ready to listen.

To the Anderson Junior College Choir (being a J7, I don't really know any of you heh), thank you for having us with you, especially for the finale performance. We saw in you the enthusiasm we ourselves had, years ago now, and we hope that you never lose that enthusiasm and drive for excellence.

To the AJ Alumni Choir, we did it. I think all the founding members feel a sense of gratification and pride that we were able to pull off these two very choral pieces with our own abilities. Thanks for all the effort everyone's put in all this time to keep us alive, to keep us going. The future is full of possibilities for us, as long as we're willing to reach for them.

To Peiying, our wonderful president, thanks for being a 'mother' to the choir (I mean that in the best way possible). You are willing to risk being feared and disliked, just so that the choir is in the best shape possible, and we all love you for that.

To Chee Guan and Nadiah, thanks for pushing the choir in terms of both technique and musicality. It really paid off with last night's performance; I think we're ready for more.

To Jiemin, thanks for being the 'heart' of the choir. We knew you could do it, and you did.

To Liping, Jiechao and Loh Wei, thank you all for being from the '02/'03 batch! You guys remind me I'm not just an old fogey reaching for a dream that can never be achieved.

To the other founding members (Whee Geok, Yuk Lum, Zinuan, Sze Mun, Charlotte, Chunwei and Senghong), thanks to you for hanging in there with us and sticking it out. There are other commitments that everyone has, and if all of you dropped the choir for them we wouldn't be around.

To all the young ones (Jiahui, Meirong, Huiting, Selene, Peiyong, Christabel, Saffie, Jasmine, Long Teng, Gerald Paul, Zheng Kai, Jing Kang, Qingwen and last but not least, Guowei), thanks for joining us and having faith that we can recapture the magic you guys felt in the AJ Choir, and I hope we delivered. I know some of you more than the others, and I hope that as time goes by, our family will grow closer as we take on more challenges together.

Thanks also for the many many notes and goodies given out by Nadiah, Jiemin, Christabel and Guowei. It's very thoughtful and heartfelt.

We definitely haven't forgotten those who were unable to perform for various reasons, and will always welcome you with open arms. Hope to see you guys back at choir soon.

Much pride and love,


Monday, May 19, 2008 Y 12:37 AM


great job! Its really rewarding to see the alumni choir come so far.. i believe we would be able to scale greater heights =D

I'd like to thank every single one of you out there, (that's right, ALL 28 of you, excluding me)
starting from sops --Liping, Kia Hui, Mei Rong, Hui Ting, Selene, Pei Yong, Whee Geok, Nadiah, Jiemin, Yuk Lum, Christabel, Zinuan, Saffie, Sze Mun, Charlotte, Jasmine, Chun Wei, Ryan, Seng Hong, Long Teng, GPT, Zheng Kai, Jie Chao, Jing Kang, Chee Guan, Guo Wei, Loh Wei & Qing Wen for making this wonderful night happen.

We really did wow the audience tonight. After being through the hard work the past few months, enduring my loud hand claps to get attn, my angry glares that shoot fire, we finally did it tonight. It feels really good to hear from Nelson that we're there, that we should consider taking part in competitions. That's means we're somewhere there. All our hard work has paid off~!

Jiemin--you did a great job out there just now. Keep it up!
Nadiah--it was a very big gamble we took with Double Double & we won!
Chee Guan--you should be the creative director of the choir. Your ideas are fantastic! Together with your leading of the choir musically!

3 Cheers for these 3 peeps who have really worked more than doubly hard for us to pull it off on this wonderful night.

Passion for Music-This is what we stay for. I love all of you guys out there!


Saturday, May 17, 2008 Y 1:43 PM

Hey Guys,

we will need to reach Esplanade by 1pm sharp.

Things to bring:
  • White/charcoal tops. Girls pls bring a white spag/tube top just in case.
  • Silver ties for the guys
  • Black shoes for all
  • Guys pls try to wear black/navy blue socks
  • Girls pls rem to bring your makeup
Those who are meeting for brunch pls meet Guowei/Chee Guan at 11am sharp at CityHall Control.

Those not meeting for brunch pls gimme a call when u reach.

Take care of your voices & don't slp late tonite!

Seeya guys tomorrow!


Monday, May 05, 2008 Y 11:23 PM


please meet at 6.45pm outside the choir room coming Wed. We will end at 8.45pm sharp, if not we will be chased out by the security guard.

Meeting time on Thursday will be announced on Wed. Costume check on Thursday. More details known on Wed..

Seeya guys then.


Friday, May 02, 2008 Y 11:56 PM

Sorry, practice for tml still ongoing..
Time: 9am
Venue: Outside choir room.

Please be advice that on wednesday night, there'll be prac for all (including UNI ppl). Timing will confirm again. This is due to Thursday, we are going to sing for nelson. Timing will be arnd 7pm. Will say again. Please check the blog again or ask ppl arnd for updates.

For all those people who has missed the prac due to one way or another, please memorise ur songs, and if u need help, COME for wed prac. Thanks. I dun wan to be an ah pek.

BOSS no.2