Wednesday, April 25, 2007 Y 9:02 PM

yo ppl!!

choir prac will resume on 5th may (sat) 10 am at amk cc..

jia you for the exams!! take care k!! =)


Tuesday, April 10, 2007 Y 1:00 AM

hihihihihi everyone!

i hope you all are still checking this blog out. anyway the concert tickets are with me coz i took it from yuk lum just now.. we will be sitting at the circle seats (2nd floor).. centre, 1st row!! :) :)

These are the people whose tixs are with me:

1) Gillian
2) Joel
3) Alicia
4) Chee Guan
5) Whee Geok
6) Zinuan
7) Pei Ying
8) Loh Wei
9) Wan Song
10) Ryan
11) Xiangji
12) Nadiah
13) Sze Mun

adding in 2 more tix order: Angel & Priscilla.

Our dear chee guan has forked up $150 to pay for some of us first, so for those who haven't pay (9 pple), please remember to bring $15 and pay him back okay? anybody who's interested but haven't place your order yet, please leave a msg on the tagboard ASAP.. we should be able to sit together so no worries!

**edited: those who want to add in orders, please note that one ticket is $16 because i just found out that our junior has absorbed the sistic charges for the 15 pple.. so i don't think it's very nice to make him absorb further costs.. $1 isn't a big amount right?? :) :) **

Btw, for those who know Simin, she will be sitting with us as well..

Alright, so do you all want to meet up for dinner on monday or meet straight at the esplanade?