Friday, August 31, 2007 Y 8:43 PM

Hi All

Posting on behalf of Da Jie Da

We'll meet tmrw at 10.00 a.m. at AMK Hospital. Please check the gmail account for further details.

Dress code: Please dress appropriately. pref guys in long pants...


Loh Wei

Y 8:20 PM

Hi all
Posting on behalf of Da Jie Da,

Tmrw we'll meet at AMK hospital by 10 a.m.. Thereafter we'll go for the celebration lunch. Please wear something 'presentable' for the performance, maybe wear jeans or sorts.

See ya!

Loh Wei

Friday, August 24, 2007 Y 9:37 PM

hi guys!

those that are going to watch Chee Guan perform tomorrow,if u want lunch.. pls meet at 1.30pm at city hall mrt station control.. pls do not be late as we are watching a performance later at 3.

After that we will be going to Thomson Prata House for dinner. Those that are coming, pls meet at 6.45pm at Bishan Mrt Station Control. We will not wait for latecomers.

Also, pls check gmail for Sept 1's celebration confirmation. Pls email me to let me know by Sunday if you can so that I can collate. Thanks!

Also, can i check coming Wed, 29 August, who does not need to go sch/will finish sch/work early?

I may need u guys to go down to the meeting with me to meet Mr Seng Han Tong for the performance with the Senior Citizen Group as they want to see a demo ( I seriously don't know what they want at all. I've been bugged by them for the past 3 days that I'm seriously pissed off. So many phone calls a day.)


Tuesday, August 21, 2007 Y 6:00 PM

Hihi everyone!

I've uploaded the photos into photobucket. Some photos are quite unclear so i apologise for that..




Monday, August 20, 2007 Y 7:44 PM

Hey people!

Great job on Saturday! Now the show's over and perhaps we should have a celebration cum a little advance farewell dinner for those who will be going overseas to continue their studies, i.e. Joyce and Tan En (Tan En still has 1 more month with us, but Joyce is leaving in 2 weeks' time on the 1st September.)

What about this Saturday (25th August) evening? Or you guys prefer Sunday evening? Weekdays should not be possible as it will be quite hectic for those who are working and studying. Any suggestions on where we should go? Please tag so that we know who's available and who's not...with suggestions too! :D

Thank you all very much!

Hiang Kiat aka Xiangji

Y 9:28 AM

Hey guys!

great job!! We pulled the whole thing off successfully!!!!

Do you think we should celebrate? =X Wahahaha!

Mr Seng really liked the whole performance till he don't know which group to choose!!! haha!
That means that we really put up a damn GOOD show despite the small small glitches here & there ( like I didn't quite hit my highest note for the hokkien song =X) haha

And and and.... Mr Seng really admires Ryan!! He said that there's very few guys that is so talented, that can compose and sing!! *raises eyebrows with an evil gleam*

On top of that, AJC D&D 2007 Organising Committee has spoken to us and they want us to perform for their D&D this year. Its at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel (near Great World City/ Zouk I think), 11 Dec 2007. Do all of you think is feasible? Tag to voice out okie?

Great job again!! Give yourselves a pat on the back for that! =X


Friday, August 17, 2007 Y 5:02 PM

hey guys,

tomorrow meet at 11am at the choir room. We will warm up first before the short rehearsal in the audi at 12pm.

I would suggest that you all bring the attire to change cos it will be a long day and I think we will stink by the end of the day.

Attire for guys: Black shirt, blue jeans, covered shoes

Attire for ladies: White top, blue jeans, heels (covered/open toe is fine)

Make sure the jeans is covering your ankle. No capris allowed.

Ladies please bring your makeup also. Guys if you look too pale makeup is also required.

I will be bringing my laptop along to let you all familiarise with 'Hey Stranger'. But please go listen to it yourselves tonight if you have yet to do so.

I will be making some copies of lyrics for the sing-along so we can share during that segment.

Be prepared for a shock for the matinee show. The last status update that I have for ticket sales as of now is very very very bad. We are literally singing to an empty audience. Pls be prepared for that, unless there is a sudden surge of sales in 1 day.

Evening show is slightly better, but its still not hitting our target.

If there are any new sales coming in pls let me know ASAP so that I can book in the numbers to get the latest status updates on the ticket sales.

Lets just do our best tomorrow, be it an empty audience or full house, given the effort we have already put in for the past few months.

Cya guys tomorrow.


Friday, August 10, 2007 Y 7:36 AM

Hi guys,

tomorrow will be a FULL DAY DRESSED REHEARSAL, 10-5pm.
Will meet in the choir room first at 10am to do warm up & run tru' our songs before we go to the audi.

Attire would be black/white top with blue jeans.
Footwear at your own discretion

Pls confirm the no. of tickets that you want with me tonight the latest. I will be placing a booking on them tomorrow.



Friday, August 03, 2007 Y 10:07 PM

Hi peeps!

Sorry for the SUPER late notice cos I just reached home not long ago and Peiying is still busy with her work.

Details for 4th August practice:
Time: 10am - 12pm (prac @ audi with Guitar Club ppl)
1pm-3pm (choir prac if we do not have time to practise before that)
(We will have to go out and eat lunch, no lunch will be provided by the school.)
Venue: Auditorium (from 10pm to 12pm, after that, erm...we will see how... :D )

Please bring the relevant scores as well!

Xiangji aka Hiang Kiat