Thursday, January 25, 2007 Y 2:33 PM

dear ladies and guys,

practice this saturday 27 Jan 07 at AMKCC from 10-1 pm. we'll do a combined practice for the songs (jiemin to try leading) that were learned last week and also learn 2 more songs:

1. bare necessities (?)
2. blue moon

seniors who have score for 'bare necessities', please bring them. the rest who don't, do not fret! i'll photocopy the scores for you.

and last but not least

Varsity Voices - 2007: Musica Sacra by NUS Choir
4 March 2007, Sunday, 730 p.m. University Cultural Centre (UCC@ NUS Kent Ridge)
Ticket Price: $13 (incl. sistic charge) [free seating]
Early Bird Promotion till 31 Jan (20% discount): $10.4o

[yes this early bird price is confirmed. i used a calculator to calculate] 31 Jan is coming! [shamelessly promoting the concert here] so please leave a tag on the board if u're interested, or approach huixian, sze mun and i. some exposure to sacred Latin music and spirituals will be good! :D

we'll still be selling tickets after the 'early bird promotion', just at a higher price, of course. grab them while the promotion is still on!

see you on sat!


Thursday, January 18, 2007 Y 11:57 AM

yo ppl! there's choir prac this sat (20th jan 07) 10am at amk cc..

we will be having sectionals and combine for the 4 songs which we had learnt the past 2 weeks..
1) yue liang dai biao wo de xin
2) hikariga
3) no importa
4) circle of life

if there's enough time, we will learn lion sleeps tonight..

see ya guys on sat then!! heheh.. =)

Y 11:48 AM

yo seniors.. the aj choir juniors have found some gowns in the choir room.. as i dont have the contacts of these seniors.. i will really appreciate that you all can help me to get them to see this blog.. cos the juniors would like to return the gowns to them...

here's the list of seniors whose gowns are with the aj choir...
1) Vanessa Sim
2) Emilia
3) Joanna
4) Esther Li
5) Goh Cui Ling
6) Melissa
7) Alicia
8) Juliana Kok
9) Lim Xiao Min
10) Pei Shun
11) Clara
12) Mindy Ooi
13) Joy Fang Zhiwen
14) Pearlyn

please let them know tt their downs are still with the aj choir.. and if they wanna get the gowns back, pls contact me.. so that i can make arrangements with the juniors... so yah.. do spread the msg ard.. thanks!!

whee geok

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 Y 1:27 PM

hi ladies and guys. just to shamelessly promote nus choir's upcoming performance:

Varsity Voices - 2007: Musica Sacra by NUS Choir
4 March 2007, Sunday, 730 p.m. University Cultural Centre (UCC@ NUS Kent Ridge)
Ticket Price: $13 (incl. sistic charge) [free seating]
Early Bird Promotion till 31 Jan (20% discount): $10.40

So please come support! (get your tickets from me or sze mun)

the repertoire includes a mass written by Mozart (where 2 of us will be singing soli for certain movements), negro spirituals, and contemporary sacred music. :) featuring guest choir Vocal Consort.

as for this sat's practice, we have to revise the songs we learned the week before and also touch on our new songs. details will be posted lated regarding venue and timing.


Thursday, January 11, 2007 Y 12:30 PM

Practice on 13 Jan 2006

hi ladies and guys. this saturday's practice will be in 2 places.
1. AJ choir room from 930 to 12+ for sectionals and if time permits, combined.
2. AMKCC after lunch to record.

the 2 songs for the recordings of non-kiddish Disney songs that were requested:
1. No Importa La Distancia
2. Circle of Life.

those who have the scores, pls bring them and for those who don't. pls leave a tag. to facilitate faster learning, me and ryan the new midi/mp3 s.l.will be typing out the parts and posting up as soon as possible. this is for those who cannot make it on 13 Jan. But please have a listen to it as well.

for security reasons, the school needs a list of names going for practice. those who can go, leave a tag, or drop me an sms. i need to confirm this latest tmr 12 noon. for those who cannot, just leave a tag also. so i know how many pple we can work with.

cheerios and see u on sat!! (this must be the most colourful and biggest post i've put up)

Thursday, January 04, 2007 Y 12:59 AM

hey ppl..

here's the list of songs for the prize presentation performance (the one for changi airport)
1) Hikariga
2) Bare necessities
3) Circle of life
4) Lion sleeps tonight
5) When u believe
6) Yue liang dai biao wo de xin
7) Blue moon
8) We go together
9) Siyahamba
10) No importa

For the prac on this sat, 6th Jan 2007...
we will be learning 3 songs.. maybe 4 if we have enough time...
1) hikariga
2) yue liang dai biao wo de xin (with changes to girls part)
3) no importa
4) siyahamba

so pls note tt.. there will be prac this sat, 6th jan, 10 am at amk cc..

those who have the scores pls bring them.. for those without the scores do tag the blog..


Monday, January 01, 2007 Y 8:57 PM

Hey ppl.. here's what we have discussed in our meeting on 30th Dec 06

Evaluation of 2006

AJ Alumni choir is officially formed and it is under the wings of AJCAA.

Events which the alumni choir took part in.
1) AJ choir concert 2006
2) Mid Autumn Festival
3) Collaboration with Budak Pantai (NAC Ceremony)
4) Carolling at SGH
5) Carolling at Ngee Ann City

Agenda For 2007

1) New Post in the Exco (Logis; Publicity)

To help in the admin stuff and also to help in sourcing for carolling deals and other performing opportunities.
Publicity will have to do up a proposal for caroling and portfolio of AJ Alumni choir.

2) Buxtehude Concert on 2nd March 2007(Friday) at Kampong Kapor Church

It is a joint collaboration with Amadeus Society and AJ alumni choir is required to send 6 to 8 committed ppl to participate in this concert. There is no ticket sales involved in this concert. The revenue of the concert comes from the donations of the ppl attending the concert. The church can house 300 to 400 ppl. More details of the concert has been posted in the previous post. People who are interested in this event will have to reply by 2nd Jan 2007 12 pm via tag on the blog or sms to whee geok or peiying.

3) Performance For Changi Airport in March 2007

The Alumni choir will be performing for one of the slots in between the prize presentation. The choir will be performing for 15 minutes (roughly 3 to 4 songs). The repertoire should consist of happy and lively songs. (Music comm. make a list of 10 songs for the organiser to choose)
The performance will most likely be an evening slot.
It will be on 2nd March 2007(Fri).
Number of performers required: about 12 to 16ppl (below 20)
Practices will still be on saturdays.

Problems if the performance is on 2nd March 2007
-Alumni choir will have to split into 2 groups, one will participate in the Buxtehude concert and the other will perform for this event.
--> the bonding within the alumni maybe affected.

For those who wants to take part in the Buxtehude concert and the performance for Changi Airport will have to attend practices on both Saturday (most prob AMK CC) and Sunday.
Hence, it maybe too hectic for them.

Wan Song will be the point of contact for this event.

4) AJ choir Concert 2007

The dates are not confirmed, it will be either on 16th April 2007 (Monday) or 20th April 2007 (Friday) at Esplanade. Most of the alumni members are affected by the exams. The repertoire will most likely be the songs which we will be singing for the performance for Changi Airport.

5) Cultural Night by AJCAA (18th August 2007)

Main Theme : “AJ Spirit”, Heritage “Hanging in the air”
Duration: 1hr + 15 min interval + 1 hr OR 1h 30min continuous
Ticket price: $10
Seating capacity: 500

Performing groups(confirmed):

AJCAA proposed to have a musical and ELDDS will do all the linking of the storyline.
We proposed that we should do our own individual performance as we may not have the time to meet up with the other groups and we may not have enough man power. Also, the musical may turn out to be cheap and tacky.

1st Tech Run will take place in june after our study break. which means tt by then our songs shld be ready.

The details of the Cultural Night will be finalized in 2 weeks’ time (13 Jan 2007).

6) June: Mini-Celebration

Proposed idea: 3 day 2 nite chalet and bbq.
will have to wait for a few ppl to check out the rates (SAF chalet or aloha chalet)

7) August to Dec

Learn new Christmas songs and also to take on any adhoc CC events
caroling- must start to source earlier (start in July 07)
Try not to get open air and also not to inflate the rates for the sessions.
Try to obtain 4 to 5 caroling sessions.

8) Performance at Esplanade

Most probably we will take up the performance in the 2nd half of 2007 or 2008.
Wan Song will be the point of contact

9) Internal

Everyone in the music comm. will get a chance to be the SC so as to bring out their full potential.
Jiemin( AJCAA Cultural Night 2007)

10) Costume/Identity (Logo?)

Guys: Black pants, Black long sleeve shirt
Girls: Black pants, white top
For 2008, Other colors: pink, baby blue if what we earned in 2007 is able to cover the cost of our costume.

11) Repertoire for the prize presentation (not confirmed)

-Lion sleeps tonite
-One Asian song
-Circle of Life
-Disney songs
-Negro Spiritual
-Hikariga and yukiga
must search for scores and bring them on 6th Jan 2007