Wednesday, November 29, 2006 Y 11:16 PM

HARLOW everyone!! Updates updates on 29 nov 2006.. 2nd last day of NOVEMBER.. =(

Ok.. Now dat i see more and more ppl are interested.. I think i shall finalise the list and send it to our beloved juniors.. So please check the following.. see whether i got type wrongly or not.. If yes.. pls sms me... cuz i'll be in camp.. den this weekend i'll not be at home.. (if u go visit my blog, u'll know...)

People going for AJCHOIR carolling (ie: 16,23,25 dec): Ryan, Nad, SzeMun, Geok, Vincent, Peiying, Chee Guan(except 23dec), miNn*(except 23dec), benjamin (except 23dec)Chun Wei.

Confirm at a later date: shawn, gill, angel, joel, clara and eleana.

More news..
The juniors want us to sing in the gown and blazer.. It's a must.. So i heard that the girls bought their gowns... So all of you shld still have it right? So dats not a problem (that's if... nvm.. very sensitive issue.. got to do with weighing machines.. =P) As for the guys.. It's quite a complicated stuff.. CUz the juniors only have 8 blazers left for us... IE to say.. only max 8 of us can go.. (well... it may be a tactic to see which senior guy never return blazer..just kidding) But currently the no of guys going is still less than 8 la... Will see how first la... just giving all of u some info about wads happening... Just in case some of u tot that choir stop practice den peiting and me slacking arnd.. =P

Also, I just came back from meeting with AJCAA.. (meeting from 730-930 sia... so long again...)and i have a better idea on how they are functioning after toking to miss siao1 (or xiao1???) Sorry.. but i dunno how to spell.. Anyway, i'll update u guys again on 9 dec 2006... Cuz this issue may be a bit sensitive... haha.. Top secret also.. So i stress again.. please do come on 9 dec 2006... Thanks..

your HARDWORKING and enthusiastic VP,
Chee Guan aka Zhiyuan... (lol..)

Sunday, November 26, 2006 Y 10:44 PM

another update!

ok.. here i have a few names who's confirm going: Ryan, miNn*, Nad, SzeMun, Geok, Clara, Vincent, Peiying and me. There are ppl who needs to confirm at a later date: shawn, gill and eleana. Only one cannot at all due overseas: Alicia. WAD ABOUT THE REST??? o_O??

Anyway, nvm... i shall assume dat some of u are busy with exam... or perhaps no internet connection at home cuz now u are unable to tap on neighbour's wireless.. or perhaps u dunno dat ajalumnichoir do have a blog... or perhaps u didn't recieve the sms at all... No offence.. But it's ok.. i shall tell the juniors wad info i have now... so dat they can have an easier job to do..

Ok.. This time the person that's going to conduct us for our caroling (ie. 24dec tentatively) will be jiemin.. Last time the Autumn Festival was by Gerald.. so we'll rotate arnd.. Den like dat all of us will have a try.. So next time will be someone else from Sops or Bass.. Must make this thing clear.. Haha... Den next time will not have confusion.. So i expect cooperation with ms seah ok? =D

And one more thing, everyone take note of this.. Please make sure u are free on 9dec.. we are going to have an important meeting that will make an impact on our choir's future.. Timing will be in the morning for the time-being.. But please try to make the afternoon free as well.. as we dunno how long we going to take.. Thanks..

All the best for ur exams for those studying.. As for the rest... Slack as much as possible la!! =X

Your friendly Vice-pres,
Chee Guan (wahahahaha...)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 Y 8:05 PM

hi BOYS and GIRLS of aj alumni choir... Hehehe... I know some of u may have recieved the email from our juniors... But for the benefit of those who didn't recieve the email... Here is the mail... =D

Greetings to the ajchoir alumni! :D

Here's a warm invitation inviting all our seniors to come down and join ajchoir for our carolling sessions! We would sincerely hope that you guys can make it. I do understand that the alumni choir do have your own carolling stints, but we do hope that for those sessions that do not clash, as many seniors can come back and join us for our carolling at the Four Seasons Hotel.

The dates are as follows:
16th Dec (Sat) 7.45pm-8.30pm23rd Dec (Sat) 7.45pm-8.30pm24th Dec (Sun) 7.45pm-8.30pm25th Dec (Mon) 12.45pm-1.45pm

The attire would be the formal gowns and the white suit.

If possible just reply to this email if to roughly inform us if you can make it for which session. That way we can have a rough estimate on how many will be turning up on a particular session and also it'll be easier for us to update you on details etc. If there is anything there needs clarification you can email or check out the ajchoir blog:

We hope to hear from everyone soon!

[p.s: If possible just forward this email to all the ajchoir alumni that may have been left out. A thousand apologies if anyone was left out because we do not have everyone's email address.]

(On behalf of ajchoir'06) :D

well, i hope the seniors are visiting the blog.. Since we wun have any practice for the next 2 weeks.. why not we just have a show of tag, how many ppl interested to go?? Also state the dates dat u wish to go... ;)

Sunday, November 05, 2006 Y 8:01 PM

hey ppl..

we will be having a caroling session on 24th dec at ngee ann city so do keep yourselves free on this day k..

we will also be joining aj choir for their caroling sessions.. their caroling dates are:
16th dec (sat) 7.45 to 8.30pm
23rd dec (sat) 7.45 to 8.30pm
24th dec (sun) 7.45 to 8.30pm
25th dec (mon) 12.45 to 1.45pm
venue: Four seasons hotel

practices will resume after 1st week of december..
the dates are 9th Dec (Sat), 11th Dec (Mon), 13th Dec(Wed) & 16th Dec(Sat)
venue: AMK CC(to be confirmed)
timing: to be confirmed..

J2s.. we hope that u all will join us for caroling sessions and the practices as well! hehe.. i'm sure u all will have lots of fun joining the aj alumni choir.. so do keep urselves free for the practices with us k!! =)

to all seniors: do join us for the caroling sessions.. cos we haven meet up for a long time!! so treat this as a gathering k.. and we will have fun caroling together!!

so yup.. study hard k! take care and see u guys soon! :)

Y 7:28 PM

we had a performance with budak pantai on 31st oct and we sang 'unbreak my heart'..
here's the links of the perfomance..
unbreak my heart part 1:
unbreak my heart part 2:

here's some of the siao moments before our performance.. haha.. and here's shawn's remix version of first noel: