Wednesday, March 25, 2009 Y 5:52 PM

hey ppl,

we have put up an online attendance sheet on gmail so that you all can indicate your attendance for the upcoming practices.

The reasons why this is implemented:
(1)This is to facilitate attendance till the concert, and so that everyone will know who is performing.
(2)This is not a permanent schedule, may subject to change, but this will help the choir know practice strength.
(3)If this practice works, we'll incorporate it for carolling as well. and subsequent events
(4)Time will be well utilised if we know the strength, and combineds will be more effective.
(5)We won't be re-learning songs all the time.
(6) There is not much time left to the concert. this is a way to aid your time management (:
(7)We can aid practice time management too!

In order to update this attendance list,
1)You all have to sign in to the ajalumnichoir gmail account or through
2)When you are signed in, click 'documents' which is at the top of the page.
3)lick on attendance sheet, and please key in Y (for attending) or N (for unable to attend)
4)For those practices which you indicate N, please write the reason at the last column named 'Reason'.
5)After keying in the attendance, please remember to save the file.
You can choose to put your attendance for ALL the practices now.. or you can choose to just put your attendance for each week..
Please key in your attendance by friday afternoon to confirm your attendance for each week.

The names of the people performing is not fixed. so you all can just add in your name okie..We welcome more ppl to join us :)

Friday, March 20, 2009 Y 12:55 AM

hey everyone!

there's choir prac this saturday 10am at the choir room, please do not be late okie.. as you all know that the concert date is drawing near, and we are left with around 10 practices to 26th jun.. please be punctual so that we can do more during practices okie?

this week, mark will be teaching us a new song for second half and we will go through some of the songs for first half, pls bring the scores.. if you dont have some scores, please download from gmail.. thanks..

see u all on sat!

Thursday, March 12, 2009 Y 11:34 PM

Hi peeps,

There will still be choir this week, 16 March 2009, 10am. Same thing bring the necessary scores and 'equipment' for singing..

I dunno how many people will see this... But I'll repeat it again during practice..

I know now is a period whereby people are less committed to come for practice because in life we always have other things on priority. I'm glad that there's always a few consistent people appearing and coming for practice diligently. Thank you. Just like to synchronise everybody, our concert is coming soon and I'm quite excited because it's our first solo concert. Time is running short... And for those who knows me well, when I'm gan jiong means time is really short and we cannot relax too much le. Haha. Yup! And if u see this post, ask all your batch, senior batches, junior batches to join us now! Do not wait anymore. (:

See you guys on Sat... (:


Saturday, March 07, 2009 Y 1:43 AM

hey hey..

sorry for this late post.. there will be choir today (7th march) 10am at the choir room.. we will start choir prac promptly okie.. pls bring all the scored required.. thanks..