Friday, June 25, 2010 Y 11:49 PM

Dear All,

Practice as usual tomorrow @ 10am, choir room. Jing Kang will be conducting the practice as Mark is currently away.

Please bring along all the scores we've been currently doing.

Have an enjoyable Saturday morning making music - Cheers!


Thursday, June 10, 2010 Y 12:33 PM

EDITED 11th JUNE 2010

Dear all,

Practice tomorrow is cancelled as power in AJ will be shut down for maintenance. We will meet again next week (19th June 2010). In addition to the songs listed below, please also print and bring Anata no kokoro no nakani from our gmail.

You may also make use of the time tomorrow to meet up and discuss/rehearse your small group performances (if need be).

1. O Magnum Mysterium
2. lullabye
3. africa
4. maiden in a ring (swedish song)
5. dirait-on (french song - will be available on our gmail shortly)
6. seaside rendezvous
7. sigulempong

See you all!

Friday, June 04, 2010 Y 9:28 PM

Dear all,

Practice is on at 10am sharp tomorrow morning. Please bring along Seaside Rendezvous and the swedish song 'a maiden in a ring'. You can print it out from our gmail account.

Please utilise the Gmail document facility to update your attendance for the practices. In addition, we need everyone to step up on their efforts to get our friends to join in for the concert. Let's work hard to make our Sept concert a fantastic one.

See u tmr!