Thursday, October 30, 2008 Y 10:31 PM

This coming Sat (1 Nov) will be the last choir practice before you go and mug (for uni students)

Please bring your caroling scores..
Water bottle as the weather is hot nowadays... Drink more water... =)

Please tell me whether you are interested for the blood donation thingy. Of you foresee you won't be coming for the last practice, please tell me online or pass the msg through your friend(s). The next practice will resume on 29th Nov. We'll be having the J2s to join us.

From now till 29Nov, all the best for your exams and rest well!

Chee Guan


Hi Chee Guan,

He said that we will need volunteers on 13, 14, 17 Dec for the pre-awareness drive. Choir groups might be assigned to travel together with the blood buddy. However, all finalisation will be informed at a later date as it depends on how many choir performers we have after 9 Nov. Performers might also be assigned to perform at any of the nearby MRT station to draw crowd while we distribute fliers.

Performers are also needed from 19 to 21 Dec during the actual donation drive. They would be stationed mainly at our refreshment areas/ waiting areas or following blood buddy around Dhauby Ghaut MRT station.

Really appreciate that and thank you so much for volunteering! =D

Tee Mong Ling
Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Singapore Management University

Thursday, October 16, 2008 Y 8:55 PM

Yo ppl,

There's choir practice on this sat at 10am. We will start on time like last week okie! We are gonna go through the carols and the songs which we have learnt. Yup.

See u all on sat! :)

Whee Geok

Wednesday, October 08, 2008 Y 11:43 PM

Hey guys,

I know most of you don't check the blog. But I'll still post here. 

Choir practice is ON for everyone this sat. 10am sharp. We'll start on time. I'm not going to wait for everyone, cuz it's unfair for the punctual people. Com members, remember what you've promised me. My deal is very fair. If you are not going to help me out this time, the next time if you have any request from me, u'll be the last in the priority list. =x

So I say again, 10am SHARP. CHoir room.

CheeGuan aka Mimic.