Sunday, December 30, 2007 Y 1:11 PM

Here are the photos for the BBQ night. When i uploaded the photos, i realised i was happily snapping away that night... there are hundred over pictures!!! hahaha...

As usual, click on "full size" before saving the photos.

Click HERE

Happy Holidays! :)


Thursday, December 27, 2007 Y 12:41 AM

Well, here goes.

To all those who made caroling 2007 possible, a BIG THANK YOU!

Like what Chee Guan has said, when we decided to accept this deal, I was really afraid not being able to meet the minimun requirement. I was just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that a miracle would happen.


The miracle really happened! They are the current j2s! They came back to sing with us, making it possible for us to meet the required numbers, and to keep the spirit alive! Gosh, I've not felt so wonderful since 'The Reunion', as we usually have a small handful of singers only. (All of us know that haha).

The j2s are listed in no order of preference (I hope I didn't miss anyone out):

Kia Hui
Mei Rong
Hui Ting
Jing Kang
Gerald Paul
Yu Huai (the only J1)
Qing Wen
Zheng Kai

Those that came despite their busy schedule:

Yan Ting
Shawn Goh
Seng Hong

We really appreciate your presence! =)

Whatever that I wanna say has been said on my behalf in the previous posts.. but I will still say this again, I really enjoyed this year's caroling session 'cos of the people that came to sing with us, 'cos we really mingled well.. =D

Of cos, on top of that, I'm really grateful to have a very supportive committee to back me up. Thanks exco & music comm! and of cos those who helped out voluntarily (you know who you are lah.. too slpy to mention names. Look at the time my gawd)!

Hope you guys will enjoy the BBQ on fri! Seeya guys then! (if I can make it on time)


Tuesday, December 25, 2007 Y 10:21 PM

To usher in the New Year and to bid farewell to a fantastic 2007, we are having a BBQ at my place on the 28th of Dec. I know that Yew Tee is kinda 'ulu', but i hope you won't mind and just join us for this celebration. Food and drinks have been catered for, so please come :)

I'm really touched by the number of people who have made this carolling season a success. Since it has been recounted endless time, I'll just say a big "THANK YOU" to all of you once again.

Details of the BBQ:
1. 7 p.m. at Yew Mei Green Condo BBQ Pit 2
2. 8 mins walk away from Yew Tee Mrt Station
3. Map@
4. Exit from Yew Tee Mrt Station, walk past NTUC, head towards crossroad. Walk along Choa Chu Kang North 6 towards Yew Tee Primary School. You should see Yew Mei Green Condo opposite the school.
5. If you are driving, please message me so i can inform security that visitors are coming.
6. Sparkling juice, red wine, XO, Coke (for Chee Guan) and other soft drinks have been bought, if u think beer is essential, message me n i'll chiong to buy!
7. Lastly, its FOC! so please please come...haha...i sound like a broken tape recorder.

See u all on the 28th!

Loh Wei

Y 2:54 AM

Hey all!
This time round it's this 老人 who is going to 发表 some 感谢词...haha..

Thank you to ALL who came to help us and sing with us at SICC and me, it's really a MIRACLE came true. :D
Especially to the juniors, and people like Seng Hong, Vincent, Shawn and Yanting (Sorry if I missed out anyone else, but you are definitely included)..really thank you SOOOOO MUCH for coming back to sing with we really thought that we will lack the numbers and sound...PHEW... :P
Thanks to Nad and Jing Kang for conducting us! Without the both of you we will be in deep s***...seriously...we will sound like ~15 people singing ~15 different carols each time...LOL

We really appreciate your help and passion for singing... :) Felt very touched by feels great to know that we can be so bonded as a team..
I will really miss everyone and the times we had together caroling...even last year's Takashimaya caroling, I still can remember the moments that we had's exactly a year and a day ago...time flies man..
Really hope the juniors can stay with obligations of course.. :)
Don't wanna force you all and scare you all away..


Anyway, one more thing....
On the 28th (Friday), are you all interested to go KTV? Either before or after the BBQ? But it would be unfair to those working (especially liping and peiying) if we are going to sing before the BBQ..we also understand that some of you might feel that it's too late or taxi fare is too high after midnight...
FYI, if we sing after BBQ, the KTV session will most probably end at around 3 or 4am.
And I supposed we should be going to somewhere nearby..either Woodlands Party World or Choa Chu Kang Kbox.. :D

So..please offer your comments or preferences here and we'll decide asap! Once again, thank you all!

Wish all of you a Merry Merry Christmas! Cya on Friday! :D

Hiang Kiat aka Xiangji

Monday, December 24, 2007 Y 2:06 PM

hihi! sorry for eating into cg and nad's posts.. if you haven't read it just scroll down k..

I've uploaded the photos for SICC and Northpoint.. the photos are mostly 800X600, so if you want the original photos (1600X1200), pls get it from me personally.. :)

Do remember to click on "full size" before saving them into your computer!

For SICC photos, please click HERE.

For Northpoint photos, please click HERE.

Rudolph (22 Dec 07, Sat)

Silver Bells (22 Dec 07, Sat)

Jingle Bells (22 Dec 07, Sat)

Carol of the Bells (23 Dec 07, Sun)

Ding Dong Merrily on High (23 Dec 07, Sun)

Jingle Bell Rock (23 Dec 07, Sun)

Really enjoyed singing these few days, kudos to everyone who came to join us.. especially the J2s.. haha..

Merry Christmas everyone! :)


Y 1:55 AM

thanks guys for making me (and sze mun and several others) want to go back to alumni. (: for giving me a chance to conduct you guys as well (sometimes no choice) haha. good to know there's a successor - hint hint ET/JK/KC! so that means i can stop leading? (hint for Vice Chairman to step up)

photos were taken by my sister. enjoy the holidays (and what's left of it). sincerest apologies for my absence during the crucial period.. ):

happy holidays!

Sunday, December 23, 2007 Y 11:45 PM

Hahas. It's been ages since i post in ajalumnichoir blog.
Seriously speaking, i didn't know today was the last day. I guess i just didn't want to know when the carolling will end. Dun believe you can ask shawn, daryl or yujie. I still ask them to come and join us on Xmas and Xmas eve. Ahhhh... I can't believe that 2007 carolling just ended like this. And i was worried that i got no voice for tml... -_-

But anyway, cheeguan4 is here to say something serious:

Thank you for everyone who put in effort to come back/stay/join the choir for this carolling.
Actually that time when we were planning for this carolling, we were crossing our fingers, hoping dat we can meet the quota. But luckily we did it. Phew~!

First of all, thanks to all the original members of the ajalumnichoir. (ie. all the 老人which includes me too) Thanks for staying throughout in the choir. This 2 yrs are difficult and crucial. We keep thinking of how to survive and maintain the strength. And every sat we will pull ourselves up from the bed and come for practices. Eat lunch at amk hub/j8 after practices. Always thinking of wad to do next after this performance. And always think of doing new songs. Keep giving ourselves new challenges to keep our fire burning. Hahas. But of course la, some left for one reason or another. I do not blame them. Everyone will have their own passion and dreams. We shldn't restrict them or force them to come ajalumnichoir. But we will still welcome them if they feel like coming back. I'll use VS 口头常for ajalumnichoir. Once an ajchoir member, always an ajalumnichoir member. =)

As for the juniors. You are our saviours man. Hahas. Without you guys i dunno how are we going to maintain the standard/number/quality. And it's another new kind of exp. Maybe it's the kind of exp/feelings dat we haven been feeling for years. Thank you. I hope all of you can stay with us in the future. As for girls, dun worry about uni stress. Look at all the 老人they are doing fine. As for guys, after your BMT u'll be free. Look at me sia. I'm so free. It's not about u busy or not. It's about whether u have the passion/心to come back. If you are determined to do something or do something dat u like, even if you dun have much time u'll also try to squeeze out time one. Go and think about it. It's all about time management. =)

Thank you Nad. Thank you Jingkang. Both of u have wonderful conducting skills. =) (cheeguan2: becuz of both of u, i dunnit to conduct!! HOHOHohoho!!!)
Nad<-- Is exactly the time management kind of person i'm talking about. She still can manage herself between NUSchoir and Ajalumnichoir. Still have other people la. Like szemun, er... yuklum?? Hahas. Sorry i can't name all people la.
Jingkang<-- Wa lau! u are god sia. Anyway, u shld consider to improve ur conducting skills too. u got the potential. Jia you! =)

大妈aka Peiying. Hahas. Sorry i didn't help much. In fact honestly speaking, is i dun bother to help. =x I didn't bother to find out things myself. =x But but now jia lat la, after jingkang conduct i feel guilty sia. =x BWaaaahhh... But without you the choir will really 垮. Thanks. =)

Ok and last of all, thank you for those dat help us out for the carolling. I try to not miss out anyone. Sorry i have very bad memory. Thank you SengHong, Vincent, YanTing, Shawn, Jiemin's bro, GeraldPoh. If have time come back and visit us more often k. =)

Okok. Me as the 老人家俱乐部shall stop here. Ok i'll start to do my job as a VP liao. Wahahas.


Friday, December 21, 2007 Y 12:26 PM

Hey guys,
For those of you who will be caroling tonight, please bring along your ORIGINAL RUDOLPH score in case we might be singing that song.
Also, please meet at 5pm outside the OCBC bank as usual later.
Cya all!

Hiang Kiat aka Xiangji

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 Y 12:44 AM


Please meet outside OCBC Bank at Northpoint at 5pm on 20 Dec, Thursday (and on the following days). We will then proceed to the security counter, exchange our Ids for visitor passes and head to the holding room. there are adjoining toilets in the holding room.

Soundcheck wil be at 530pm. The performance area is near OCBC bank. Performance times will be 630-7pm, 730pm -8pm. Between the slots, we will return to the holding room.

All guys to alternate between wearing charcoal and black-coloured long sleeved shirts and black pants - 20th: Charcoal, 21st: Black, 22nd: Charcoal, 23rd: Black. Guys will also wear your silver tie. Girls to be in collared white long-sleeved blouse and black pants, with the sash provided.

You should have your scores in a black file.

for the 20th only, nadiah will be the point of contact. on other days, peiying will be the point of contact.

We can do it!!!

Cheers, Nadiah

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 Y 4:46 PM

hi all!

there will be practice 15 Dec at AMKCC at 10am - we'll be running through the songs for the performance that night as well. please go through your scores. (: Scores should be in a black file holder or bound in a black book.

as per your email, guys - you'll need to send your shirt size to peiying. you will be wearing the charcoal- coloured long sleeved shirt with a silver tie. the shirts will be brought on Sat for you to try. please get your own silver tie.

ladies - white blouse with sleeves at least 3/4s long, black pants and black court shoes. please put on light make-up. your sash/belt will be provided on Sat.

the reporting time for the SICC performance is 630pm. sound check before 715pm. more details will be posted here.

Repertoire (in no particular order) :
1. Joy to the World
2. O' Come All Ye Faithful
3. Deck The Halls
4. Ding Dong Merrily On High
5. Carollers' Medley
6. Carol of the Bells
7. Jingle Bells
8. Rudolph & Frosty (Medley)
9. Silver Bells
10. Jingle Bell Rock
11. The First Noel
12. Silent Night (Boyz II Men Version)
13. O Holy Night
14. A Merry Christmas (3 pg version)

happy holidays and see you at practice!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007 Y 10:07 AM


There will be practice this Saturday, 8 Dec at AMKCC, 10am till afternoon. We'll need to work out our songs for the performance on 15th Dec. Those singing on the 15th will have to attend this practice because there will not be any other practices. *Juniors, our welcoming members, you're very most welcome to join us. (:

Please bring your old caroling scores, and the new ones - Rudolph & Frosty medley, Silent Night, We Wish You a Merry Xmas (3 pages). These scores and midis are available in our Gmail account.

We will also standardise our costumes.

See you at Practice!