Sunday, December 31, 2006 Y 2:08 PM

hey ppl.. here's the post regarding the Buxtehude Concert (which is a joint collaboration with amadeus) on 2nd march 2007 (friday) at kampong kapor church which is near little india.

for this concert, we need to send 6 to 8 ppl from AJ alumni choir to take part.. This project is actually a good exposure for us as we are able to learn sight singing from Amadeus and Dr Goh!

the practices will be held on every Sunday from 3 to 6pm at Siglap south CC..

here's the schedule of the practices...
Date Time Schedule
7-Jan 3pm - 6pm Repertoire for Buxtehude
(Sun) Reading - from Sacred Music Book

14-Jan 3pm - 6pm Repertoire for Buxtehude
(Sun) Reading - from Sacred Music Book

21-Jan 3pm - 6pm Repertoire for Buxtehude
(Sun) Reading - from Sacred Music Book

28-Jan 3pm - 6pm Repertoire for Buxtehude
(Sun) Reading - from Sacred Music Book

4-Feb 3pm - 6pm Repertoire for Buxtehude
(Sun) Reading - from Sacred Music Book

11-Feb 3pm - 6pm Repertoire for Buxtehude
(Sun) (with Soloists and musicians)

18-Feb HAPPY CNY!!!

25-Feb 3pm - 6pm Repertoire for Buxtehude
(Sun) (with Soloists and musicians)

27-Feb 7pm - 10pm Concert run through @ Kampong Kapor Church

2-Mar 7.30pm - 9.30pm Buxtehude Concert - 'Membra Jesu Nostri' at Kampong
(Fri) Kapor church

From the meeting we had ytd(30th dec 06), we hope that more juniors will be able to participate in this project as it maybe more flexible for u all to arrange ur time.. the seniors may have some problems in committing into this project as the term had already started and sundays are usually our project days.. so we really hope that the juniors can participate in this.. seniors who are able to commit are encouraged to take part in this concert too!!

so... do send us a reply by 2nd JAN 2007 12pm via tagging or smsing.. to tell us if u are able to commit for this event..



Tuesday, December 26, 2006 Y 11:12 PM

yo ppl!
we will be having a choir meeting on 30th dec 06(saturday)...
time: 10am
venue: amk cc

pls attend the meeting as we will be talking about the plans for 2007..

so see you all on sat!! =)

Y 1:49 PM

Hello babes and hunks!

I'm here to post some photos we've taken at SGH and on x'mas eve itself, there's alot more photos with me.. if you want them do get them from me okay! :)

Managed to record one of the songs - It's beginning to look alot like x'mas. The song and nadiah's conducting differ abit (due to youtube's sync prob as usual).. if anyone wants the original one, can get from me.. sorry for the shaky filming though. haha.

Nad's album (credits to terrence who helped us take the photos) -

Ryan's album

Song Link -

Meanwhile, the photos below are for everyone's viewing pleasure! so... ENJOY PEOPLE!! :):)



21 Dec - SGH

Loh Wei was the conductor of the day...

Group photo!!

24 Dec - Ngee Ann City

Before the performance...

Vincent's "artistic" shot....

this is suppose to be the proper photo that we want to take.. hehe.

Hmmm.. what's so shocking???

On stage performing.....

Most of us went over to four seasons hotel to catch our fellow AJ choir juniors carol... after that we went to Burger King to have our late dinner!

Wan Song said we didn't celebrate his birthday for him (which falls on children day).. so we decided to sing him a belated birthday song:

His present??? A TOY from Burger King's KIDS MEAL! (courtesy of gill) hehehe.

The whole lot of us were making such a din in BK until the auntie cleaning the tables also cannot tahan..

Group photo @ BK:

And then.. we parted at the road junction because some had to go home while the others wanted to hang out longer. After that some of us decided to chiong kbox overnight..... all the way from 11.30pm to 6am the very next day!!! ^_^

We were given party packs at KBOX!! Vincent can pose off as a "thief" right? (and he looked happy to be one!) hehe..

At the strike of 12...........

At 5.15am....... everyone started to feel sleepy already..

Really buey tahan liao...

Xiangji (& Hui Xian) were the only ones still happily singing away!!

hehe.. let's have more rounds of such fun sessions again!! :)

Sunday, December 24, 2006 Y 1:12 AM

hey ppl!! sorry for the super late update!!! :X:X:

here's the order of the songs tmr..
1)joy to the world
2)it's beginning to look a lot like christmas
3)O come
4)ding dong merrily on high
5)silent night
6)carol of the bell
7)caroller's medley
8)jingle bell
10)winter wonderland
11)santa claus is coming to town
12)jingle bell rock
14)deck the halls
15)we wish u a merry christmas (new version)

pls note tt we will be meeting at 5.15pm at orchard mrt de right side.. where the axs machine is.. pls do not be late.. thanks! slp early k! hehe..

Saturday, December 16, 2006 Y 11:45 PM

Updated 22/12/06

Hey guys!
the post regarding the practices & timing is up =)
Also, we're going to bring some token to SGH on Thursday when we do volunteer caroling there. Since its the season for giving, I'm proposing that we collect $2 from those we are performing on Thursday (21st Dec) to chip in to buy biscuits for the patients? If you guys are all for it, leave a tag soon yea? So that I can plan the budget of how much to buy.

For those who are not involved can also chip in, juz leave a tag or email me. =)

Also, those who do not have the full set of scores, or that you are missing any scores, pls do email me at
Can sms me too if you have my no, no intention to post it up here in public. Lesson learnt =X

And, here I'm confirming the list of people who are performing at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, 24th Dec...

1. Benjamin
2. Seng Hong
3. Shawn Goh
4. Chee Guan
5. Ryan
6. Jiechao
7. Loh Wei
8. Hong Kiang
9. Malcolm (hope I spelt it correctly)
10. Vincent
11. Wan Song
12. Ding Jie
13. Mark Tan
14. Gerald
15. Huixian
16. Sze Mun
17. Nadiah
18. Whee Geok
19. Hiang Kiat
20. Alicia
21. Zi Nuan
22. Yuk Lum
23. Jiemin
24. Angel
25. Gillian
26. Peiying
27. Xiao Jing
28. Caroline
29. Liping
30. Daryl
31. Charlene
32. Chun Wei

Nadiah will be conducting for the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza Performance. Please give her your fullest support. The exco thinks that it is a good opportunity to give more exposure to our current SLs, so we will rotate conductors every performance yeah?

Meanwhile, pls take care of all your throats & voices!

Also, pls let me know whose name did I miss for this performance. We need the numbers. The stage is HUGE.


Y 10:52 PM

yo ppl..
here's the schedule for our choir practices..

For those who are carolling on 21st Dec (thurs) at SGH (6pm to 8pm).
please meet at 2PM at Kovan mrt, we will be going to Li Ping's house to run through the songs and then we will proceed to SGH from there. Please do not be late.

The co-ordinator for the session will be Whee Geok and Loh Wei will be conducting us for this session.

Here's the confirm list for the ppl carolling on 21st dec, pls let me know if i have left u out..
1)Hiang Kiat
3)Li Ping
4)Whee Geok
6)Ying Tong
7)Jie Min
8)Yuk Lum
10)Ding Jie
15)Hong Kiang
16)Loh Wei
17)Wan Song
The attire of this carolling session is blue jeans, red tops( with print is okie.. ) and covered shoes.
pls bind scores or keep them in a black file..

For those who are carolling on 24th Dec (Sun) at Ngee Ann City (ard 7.20pm to 7.50pm)
The prac will be on 23rd Dec(Sat)
Time: 10am to 3.45pm
Venue: AMK CC
Please be on time as this will be one of our last practices before our carolling session.
Just a reminder, attire for the guys is: black pants, black long sleeve shirt, covered shoes and ties (colorful).
for the girls: black pants, white top with sleeves and heels..

The repertoire for 24th Dec will be
1)Joy to the world
2)First Noel
3)O come all ye faithful
4)Ding Dong Merrily on high
5)Silent Night
6)Carol of the Bells
7)Caroller's Medley
9)Winter wonderland
10)Santa Claus is coming to town
11)Silver bells
12)Jingle Bell rock
13)It's beginning to look a lot like christmas
14)Deck the halls

Those who do not have the scores.. please email or sms peiying so that she can make a copy for u guys.. pls do it asap...

whee geok

Thursday, December 14, 2006 Y 3:30 PM

yo ppl!!

please note tt the prac on 15th dec(fri) is CANCELLED because we are unable to get a venue for practice..

hence, we will be having a long practice on 16th dec (sat). the practice will be from 10am to 3.45pm.. we will be having a lunch break in between.. we will be doing sectionals for the new carols and then combine... so pls make it a point to come on time on saturday.. do indicate if u guys are able come for the prac..

see ya!!


Y 1:09 PM

here are some rules for the SGH caroling session which we have to adhere to.. do take note of them..

In view of the SARs situation and our multi-racial environment that we operate in, we seek your understanding to take note of the following during the carolling session:

  • Please restrict the number of carollers in the group to no more than 10 people. Only carollers aged 16 and above will be allowed in the ward to do carolling.
  • Do not report for carolling if your temperature is above 37.5 degrees Celsius or if you do not feel well. Please heed your doctor's advice to stay at home. Please also inform your group leader and organisation.
  • Should the hospital be on orange alert in the event of fresh outbreak of SARs or other infectious disease, we may cancel all performance at short notice. We seek your understanding on this matter.
  • Do perform within the work area/areas assigned to you. Do not cross between wards or departments areas and do not perform any carolling near High Dependency wards, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or isolation rooms.
  • Please avoid shaking hands with the patients to prevent any possible cross infection.
  • Please practice good hygiene and wash your hands thoroughly when entering and/or leaving the hospital grounds.
  • Please avoid performing nativity scene or other religious dramas/plays during the carolling session.
  • Please do not pray/evangelise at our patients’ bedside or to our visitors/staff
  • Contemporary Christmas carols are preferred. Avoid songs with overt religious undertones.
  • Greeting cards are welcome but please do not distribute flyers/postcards/notices with religious overtones to patients/visitors/staff.
  • If you wish to give presents to our patients, the following are some suggestions:
    1)Packet dried food/biscuits
    2)Toiletries such as brush, toothpaste, towels etc
    3)No home-cooked food

  • Please ensure that all members have arrived first before proceeding to Ward that you have been assigned to. Once you are at the ward, please register your names in the FOSGH Log Sheet which the Nurse in charge will provide (the staff particulars are in the schedule).
  • Please place your bags for safekeeping in the Nurse Manager’s Room/Tea Room. We request that no valuables be brought to the hospital and the hospital will not be responsible should any valuables be misplaced and/or lost. Please turn off the handphone/pager to silent mode during the carolling session.
  • At the end of the performance, our nurse in charge will provide drinks to all the performers before you take leave.

    Thank you for sharing the Christmas spirit and cheer to our patients/visitors and staff in Singapore General Hospital. We wish you and your members a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope to see you again next year.

Y 12:46 PM

hey ppl..
the caroling session at SGH on 21st dec(thurs) is confirmed.. whee geok will be the co-ordinator

this is the reply from SGH on 14dec

Hello friends
Thank you for your interest in carolling @ SGH. Indeed we are very heartened to see so many responses from the various churches, schools wanting to bring cheer to our patients.

As we are a hospital, we have some basic guidelines for all carollers to adhere to. Please disseminate the information to all carollers before the event and adhere to it.

If you are keen to bring some presents for the patients, please limit it to items such as toiletries, biscuits (useful items) home cooked food pls. The average number of patients usually number around 80 - 150. Do let me know if you plan to bring presents so that I could advise you on the numbers required. However, please do not feel compelled too!

As a gesture of thanks, we will also provide drinks for all carollers which will be placed at the Nurse Managers room. Please help yourself to the mineral water/packet drinks before or after the event. Appreciate if you could indicate the number of carollers coming for the event to facilitate arrangement for the refreshments.

On the date of the event, please come at least 15 mins earlier to leave your bags in the Nurse Managers room and fill up the logsheet before starting the programme proper. Please look for the staff indicated in the attached table. If they are not around, please ask the nearest Staff Nurse or Senior Staff Nurse for assistance.

I wld certainly appreciate if you do take pictures of your performances at SGH and email it to me. I'll try to feature the pictures in my newsletter coming up in 2007 and promise to email you the final version.

This is the final carolling schedule for your information/attention.

Thank you and wishing you a blessed year ahead.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006 Y 10:29 PM

Hi everyone!

I'm very sorry to make it known to the seniors that for the 4 seasons carolling we are unable to have you guys join us. We would really love to have your company, but unfortunately after sending out the list of carollers (which amounted to 6o over people), 4 seasons said they do not need so many people. Thus placing a quota of only a maximum of 35 people. Because our batch itself is quite big and inclusive of the dsa students, we have almost 45 members. Therefore regrettably we can't have any seniors joining us. I'm really sorry for the trouble. If there is anything please let me know. Thanks! :D

Another thing is that 2 of the locations during the carolling at Changi Aiport will be at areas opened to public. Everyone is invited to catch our performance. The exact location and timings are attached. Hope you guys can drop by! :D And have a blessed and Merry Christmas in advance!

(p.s: cheeguan, is it ok if you helped me inform the alumni? Thanks)

Best Regards,Agnessa

Y 12:16 PM

dear ladies and guys:

here are the individual singing parts of white xmas played by piano. have converted to mp3 as well. all in strict timing. the musical details will be tackled on sat 16 Dec. so you should know your parts by then.





enjoy learning! see you on the 16th!

Y 12:16 PM

dear ladies and guys:

here are the individual singing parts of white xmas played by piano. have converted to mp3 as well. all in strict timing. the musical details will be tackled on sat 16 Dec. so you should know your parts by then.





Sunday, December 10, 2006 Y 12:17 PM

dear ladies and guys,

i've posted up the pdf format of the score. please print it out and try to learn it on your own. please have sectionals for that song as well. i will help out with the combined practice for that song on 16 Dec.

please download the score from:

also. to facilitate faster learning, i hope to post up midi tunes of all 4 parts soon. (if i'm free enough, i'll convert to mp3 for you). so please learn the song and ENJOY it!

Season's greetings!


Saturday, December 09, 2006 Y 10:58 PM


hey ppl!!

here are the caroling practice dates for the coming week...
Dates: 13th dec(wed), 15th dec(fri)
Venue: AMK CC
Time: 7.30 pm to 9.30pm

Date: 16th dec(sat)
Venue: AMK CC
Time: 10am to 1pm

also, we will be taking up a caroling session at SGH on 21st dec(thurs)...the ppl who can carol at SGH are:
1)Loh Wei
3)Hiang Kiat
4)Wan Song
5)Hong Kiang
6)Whee Geok
7)Hui Xian
8)Li Ping
10)Jie Min
we still can have more ppl to join us for this caroling session at SGH.. so those interested pls inform me or juz tag k!! hehe..

for the caroling session on 24th dec(sun) at Ngee Ann City,
the attire for the guys is: black pants, black long sleeves shirt, covered shoes and ties (colorful).
for the girls: black pants, white top with sleeves, scarf (long or short i dun care) and heels..

So all of u peeps pls bring your carolling scores yeah? Those who do not have the full set (i.e. the black book) pls sms me to let me know, I'll bring u a copy the next practice.



Tuesday, December 05, 2006 Y 11:30 PM

Hi ladies and guys, nadiah here. i got a reply from SGH on 5 Dec 2006. The email reads:

"Dear Nadia and choir,

I hope this email did not reach you too late. We received your email tosing carols in our hospital. We usually set aside the last 2 weeksleading to Christmas for carolling.
If it's not too late, we welcome the AJ alumni choir to sing here. We will limit the group to no more than 20 per ward due to space constraints in theward. Let me know if you are still keen or available between 19, 20, 21 or 24/25th between 6 to 8pm.

Let me know? Thanks.
Tan Hwee Ping
Manager, Community Relations
Singapore General Hospital"

something to discuss on the 9th dec? yes. i will not be there for the meeting because of noos. but i need to give a reply asap. it's the season for spreading the joy of Christmas (volunteer carolling)

:) and do consider if you guys want to sing 'white christmas'. try to widen our repertoire?

regards and cheers! season's greetings!