Saturday, March 13, 2010 Y 10:57 PM

Helloooo friends! This can be either a very late update or very early one, depending on how you look at it.

For those who didn't come for choir today, do be informed that practise will be on hold for all STUDYING personnel after the last combined session on 27th. For whoever are left (guys!), I hope we can make use of our reduced numbers to maybe work on some nitty gritty ever-present problems.

While watching the latest Varsity Voices, I became more painfully aware than ever of our extremely small singing size, and the plain enormity of the area in which we will have to fill with our sound. With a group so small, the stage just seems damn bloody big lar. And the hall is like a gigantic sound-swallowing durian... OK I'm not making much sense, but let's not deprive the circle seat people of our (presumably) awesome music ok?

A tenor sl once coined The Ancient Tenor Mantra of PRECISION and AWARENESS. Chant it 50 times each saturday morning, whether you're a tenor or not, and everything will turn out fine XD

Here's the original MV of Toto singing Africa. Just to give us a very general feel of the song, how it REALLY sounds like, and hopefully with this, we won't even need to worry about the syncopation anymore after we get confident enough to start adding fun stuff into the song! Mind-messing syncopation aside, it's actually a pretty epic song when put nicely together... Can't find a proper King's Singers version though. Send me the mp3 if you do please!

Ok lastly, please try to free up a monday or thursday evening approx 6.45pm for The Man to hear us once come April, possibly latest by 2nd week. I'll remind you guys again next week, so don't sweat it.

Take care for the next week!

Friday, March 05, 2010 Y 2:56 PM

Hi everyone,

There'll be choir practice tomorrow as usual. 10am, at AJC choir room. Please make every effort to be on time, and similarly inform either me/gerald if you cannot make it tomorrow.