Monday, September 29, 2008 Y 11:28 PM


All members do not need to come for practice. BREAK/RECESS/OFF/LEAVE whatever you wanna call it. Haha. Enjoy your weekend and see all of you next week. Please don't give me any excuse le. Settle everything this sat. =)

As for committee (Geok, Nad, Mark, Lteng, Gwei, Zkai, Mrong, Senghong, Me) , too bad. This sat meeting's at 10am. The earlier we start, the earlier we can end.
Agenda will be:
1. Theme for next year concert
2. Venue
3. Date
4. Rough program for the concert
5. Nomination for sub-committee
6. Updates for caroling
7. Contingencies

Any members who's interested to attend, please tell me before you come. I don't want to chase you off, I hope you all understand why.


Y 12:50 AM


For those who went through my 'gruelling' ear training exercises on Saturday 27 Sept, and survived, congratulations!

For those who have not gone through them yet, I really look forward to helping you improve your listening skills.

Please try out the following link to test your musicality/ your level of 'tone deafness' at the following site:

This is just to make you become more conscious of your listening skills. The percentage figure revealed in the end should compel you to be more conscious of the music around you. I will not be asking you about your score - it's a secret to be kept by you.

Music requires interaction from at least 2 people - just take it from the literal saying, 'it takes 2 hands to clap'. (; So listen out more during practices!

** Could I request a section of the Blog be open for us to put up sources on Choral Information / Resources e.g. voice training, ear training links? thanks!**

Please also keep your late afternoon free for a Hari Raya gathering at my place on Saturday 4 October 2008. RSVP by Thursday 2 Oct!

Cheers, NAD.

Thursday, September 25, 2008 Y 10:36 PM

It's your weekly president magazine again.

Standard stuff first, Time: 1000H, Venue: Choir room, Stuff to bring: Brain and Voice.

Hello all,

Hope u have a joyous week. I didn't have. =\ Overly-stressed by work and OT. So I'm going to de-stress myself during choir, so please dun make me too stressed out. =D

Hmmm, I've noticed that last week I didn't post anything on the blog and hoped/prayed/twisted finger that all of you will turn up. And you did. But all of you in the whole were severely late. *ROAR* Okok... Let me treat it as my fault for not reminding all of you. Sorry. So, I shld expect everyone to be punctual for this week, right? *grins*

Well well, I'm just wondering who check the blog for updates. Can all of you please tag on the tagboard upon reading this so I can have a "head-count" and from that I will also know usually when will people check the blog. Thanks.

So, have fun and let's hope that next week will be a better week. =D

Chee Guan

Thursday, September 11, 2008 Y 11:18 PM

How's everybody? =)

Next practice same time same place (ie. Choir room, 10am) The earlier we start the earlier we end. 

Oooo... Christabel is organizing a mooncake festival event which is for the alumni. Please attend it as the event will be fun! 

Time: 7pm till late
Date: 13 Sept 2008 (sat)
Lcation: Zkai's house. Meet at AMK to take a bus!

For further information, you can go and search the event on facebook! "MOONLIGHTING: a Tea Party by the Pool" There's still a lot of people haven reflect their "movement" for that day. >.<>


Thursday, September 04, 2008 Y 8:52 PM

Hi all AjChoir SENIORS aka Alumni..

It's your president posting again. Hahas. I hope you look forward seeing me post man. Hahas. BHB.
Let's go through some standard procedures:

Practice as per usual. Choir Room. 10AM. Bring your scores and revise your music theory. 

As I got very high chance will be recalled back to work on Sat, I hope to address some issues here. Now, for those who went last week I hope you still remember what I said about passion. Go think about it, why out of all other choirs in Singapore you choose to stay and form up Aj Alumni Choir? What's your objective and what you wanna get from it. Is it beause of the friends here? Is it because you miss the room? Is it because you wanna re-create the scene you enjoyed during competition/concerts? If it's just merely because you want to make music, why not choose other choir? Right? There must be something that you hold dearly in this "space". Think about it. I don't need you to tell me what is it. Just do it through actions. I wanna see what will happen when that happens.

Next, we are considered as a very young and independent choir. We should have a good start. Don't wait till you are old ar, 30 or 40 years old then you wanna build up the choir. Hahas. By the time you reach mid or late 20s, a lot of commitment starts to come in, you won't have the ENERGY to do other things. Well, that's like calling out to the younger ones, start to prepare and plan for the future of the choir. Older ones, dun feel intimidated. 

Yup, that's all, Aggie's batch people, it's time for you to do what you need to do, recruiting...

Enjoy the choir practice and chit chat and gossip. Hehe.

Chee Guan