Friday, June 29, 2007 Y 11:08 PM

Hey my dear choir mates!

Peiying told me that there would NOT be any photoshoot at AJC tomorrow, so all of us DO NOT need to wear the 'uniform' already!

Just wear what you want!

Cya all at 9.30am at AJC canteen tomorrow! =)

Hiang Kiat aka Xiangji

Thursday, June 28, 2007 Y 11:38 PM

Dear all,

please be reminded that there will be a photoshoot on 30 June 2007(that was the latest news I had from the meeting for Cultural Nite), so please be in the discussed attire :

Guys: Black top with blue jeans
Ladies: White top with blue jeans

Also, please bring all the relevant scores:

1. Flight (please go listen to the midis 1st if possible)
2. No importa
3. The Moon (月亮代表谁的心)
4. Blue Moon
5. Moja
6. Sigulempong

We will try to polish up all these songs.

Ryan: sorry to rush you, but is the theme song ready? I may need to put the lyrics on the prog sheet. =(
If it is ready, we can do a brief run of it on Saturday.

So, meeting time and venue for coming Saturday will be:

0930 at AJC Canteen

We will not clear the full rehearsal smoothly the 1st time round, but it is able to give us a rough gauge of how things go.

Cya guys there on Saturday.



Friday, June 22, 2007 Y 11:11 AM

hi Ladies & Gentlemen,

choir practice tomorrow will be from 10am t0 1pm, our usual time and venue.
Cya tomorrow.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007 Y 6:54 PM

hi all,

just a check, how many people cannot make it in the morning for coming Sat's practice, 23 June 2007?
Pls tag to let me know asap.



Thursday, June 14, 2007 Y 11:33 PM

Hi Ladies & Gentlemen,

Practice timing for Saturday, 16 June 2007 as below:

Venue: AMKCC

Timing: 3.30pm

Things to bring: Dumpling Festival Song Scores & Scores for Cultural Night

Attire for High Voices: Blue Top, Blue Jeans with covered shoes.

Attire for Low Voices: Pink Top, Blue Jeans with covered shoes.

There will be a sound check at 6.30pm in the hall. Afterwhich, we will go for dinner. (tentative plan)

Our performance will be at 9pm (as what the person IC told me on Saturday) after the kids' programme.

People who are involved:

-- Jiemin
-- Whee Geok
-- Xiangji
-- Liping
-- Peiying
-- Chun Wei
-- Zi Nuan
-- Yuk Lum
-- Gerald
-- Ryan
-- Jie Chao
-- Loh Wei
-- Chee Guan
-- Wan Song
(Did I miss out anyone? Sorry if I did =X Pls tag to let me know. Thanks)

Ryan: will you be bringing your laptop on that day for them to plug in for the midi?

Loh Wei: If you need a pink top, do let me know. I take my bro's top =X

For those who are leading the kids for the Bu Ku Niao, will you be doing up the look-alike scorecard to lead the kids since we are having the sing along session?

Do tag and let me know k?

Thanks. & sorry for the late post. Been bogged down by work recently.

Cya guys on Sat afternoon. Pls be on time.


Friday, June 08, 2007 Y 12:46 AM

yo ppl!!!
hahah.. it's me again!! well.. guess u guys will noe wat i'm gonna say!!! ahhahahaha.... :X:X:X:
there will be choir on this sat(9th june) 10 am at amk cc!

this week... we muz cover all the er ges for the dumpling fest (which is on 16th june) and to discuss like how are we gonna conduct the singing session.. and to confirm who can perform tt day which is VERY IMPT..hahah.. yeah.. so rmb to print the scores from gmail k! the moja song will be out ard 2pm on fri!! so yeah.. and rmb to bring the cultural nite scores juz to go thru.. yup!! so see u all on sat!!