Thursday, July 31, 2008 Y 10:43 PM

Hi guys and girls, it's me again.

Date: 2 Aug 2008
Time: 10am
Venue: Choir Room

For those who's not around last week, I'm going to say this again. Please be punctual for all practices. If you are going to be late, please have the courtesy to inform me or whee geok. Dun let us wait for you assuming you are coming when you are not. And also it's unfair for your friends to wait for you. If you are late, you are cutting short the choir's practice time from 2 hrs (ie can leave at 12pm) to 1.5hrs or less... Which most of them time we will stretch the practice till past 12pm. All of us are growing boys and girls and we need to eat our lunch. People who wanna slim down can go ahead and slim down and dun make the rest suffer with u, especially when you already have a skinny President and Mark is also quite skinny... SengHong also... Gosh...

Please do not FORCE me to start punishment as I hate to punish people. Punishment is for kids and I'm sure you do not want me to treat all of you as kids. =D Please dun make me the bad guy as batman will come down hunting for me... XD
(Hooo... Sounds so familiar... Dunno who use this line before...)

Just some "heads-up" for everyone, next week there will not be any practice as all of us will be singing National Day song and we want to reserve our voices for the BEAUTIFUL and PATRIOTIC songs.

Thus, whoever that wants to join the carolling, what are you waiting for? Come down now! The closing date of joining carolling will be on the last sat of August 08(30/08/08). Anybody that wans to join after the closing date will not be entertained. If you have any other queries please approach any EXCO. =)


Thursday, July 24, 2008 Y 10:31 PM

Same time, Same venue.

10am, 26 July(sat), Choir room.

There will be recording of carols, please bring those scores.

See U guys during prac. =)

Thursday, July 17, 2008 Y 11:26 PM

Dear Choir,

It's another week whereby I need to write something on the blog. (Well, some people say that I shldn't blog so informal, like have BIG fonts and small fonts cuz they look so unprofessional in front of the juniors... But I don't care...)

Some good news: I won't be going down to choir this sat due to my drama. (for some ppl: YAY!!!) And you all can go and destroy the choir room, mess up the whole room, slack around and do nothing. NO~! You all can't do that. If not I'll bring a BIG CANE and CANE you all... XD

From Mark: We'll be recording "sliver bells", "ding dong" and "silent night". So bring your scores if you forgot how to sing. But as pro and LAO JIAO seniors, I think you all should have memorised. =P

Please remember to think of who to be the Logistic Head aka Sai Kang Warrior aka Printer aka Maid aka helper.......etc

Please con't to ask more people to come back and sing. It's not because I need more people to participate in carolling, but it's more like a reunion for all Alumnis. Eh, it's a one year once event. Come on.....~!

Time for Practice: 10SHARP! (no more buffer time..)
Venue: Same old place, choir room.

Attendance will be taken, Zkai please ensure. Give me the namelist of those people who're late for practice.


Thursday, July 10, 2008 Y 12:04 AM

Dear choir,

I really hope you really spend time reading what I'm posting everytime cuz i will make an effort to type something interesting here. And hopefully you'll spend more time in the blog and not just a *check->ok->got it->proceed another blog* kind of thingy.

I will not say, same thing, same timing, same as last practice, etc. Cuz every week, the practice will be different and hopefully gets more and more interesting. *wink wink @ mark* Anyway, I hope some of you have wished mark happy birthday. Hahas. ( oh no... now i'm pushing myself into a situation whereby i must remember everybody's birthday so that people wun say that i'm bias... facebook, please help me...)

Alright, towards more serious stuff.

As per wad Mark has said, this week's practice we'll complete all the songs. (note: i didn't say try) Tell your "pig friend dog buddy" to come for practices starting from this week onwards as we are starting to prepare ourselves for carolling. Please tell them that attendance will be taken and we are VERY SERIOUS about it. Anybody have any issues regarding attendance or practices can ALWAYS come and look for me and I'll deal with each INDIVIDUAL. (Of course, there may be some waiver for some people cuz i'm bias)

Date: 12July2008 (sat)
Timing: 1000H (latest you can reach: 10:28:31)
Venue: Choir Room (I put already arh)
Things to bring: Brain.

I hope you'll have an enjoyable singing session with the AJCALUMNICHOIR (damn it... the name is sooooooo long... we need to think of a new name...)

CheeGuan aka Mimic aka Stalker


Sunday, July 06, 2008 Y 11:33 PM

Farewell Party for J2s (Welcome Party for them too...)

Time: 26 July (sat), 630pm or 1830H.
Venue: Pasir Ris Park, BBQ pit no. 42.
Cost: Some amount needed for food and beverages.

Please indicate on the tagboard whether you are interested to go.

If your friend is going too, please help them indicate too.
I'll need the numbers by Wed.
Ideas on what to do during BBQ are welcomed.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008 Y 10:44 PM

*Lays red carpet*
*Stand on stage*
*poke poke mic*

Good Evening ladies and gentleman, boys and girls!
Choir practice will be "ON" for this Sat. Gonna be 10am. And i can foresee that there'll be people late. So I'm going to state a FINAL timing. Anybody that comes in AFTER 10:30:21, >.<, you'll have to lead warm up next time. THat's the punishment for now. I'll think of a better one soon. Hahas. Though it's funny, but PLEASE la... Everybody is waiting for u lo. Everytime late, buei pai seh??

Please bring your scores, pen, water bottle (I dunnit to remind u right? All of you 19 years old and above... Some even 23.... hor?) SCORES: same as last week. Bring along carolling scores if you think it's too light for you.

Mark will be taking us. So please give him your fullest support. People who failed to do so, I shall give them some "surprises". And u wun want to know wad is it. And u wun be able to guess given my kind of craziness and creative brain. =)

THat's all for now. And enjoy singing. =D

The new terror of the choir... *clap clap*

Tuesday, July 01, 2008 Y 8:57 PM

hello yall!

been asked by guowei to revamp the blog so here goes!

saffie (: